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Grand 2023 welcoming party - the Jazz Masquerade in the Riga Circus

Jazz Masquerade – New Year at the Riga Circus


When and how much?  December 31 at 22.00
Where?  Riga Circus
Price:  26 - 71 EUR

After a two-year break, the experienced team, KK fon Stricka villa and the production association Piétro, are returning to the Riga Circus, this time inviting them to the grand meeting of 2023.

After a two-year hiatus, the experienced New Year's celebration team - consisting of the cultural and entertainment venue "K.K. von Stricka villa" and producer association "Piétro" - will return to the newly renovated premises of the historical Riga Circus, this time inviting guests to a grand 2023 welcoming party - the Jazz Masquerade in the Riga Circus (Merķela street 4).

Time determines most aspects of our lives. Time dictates (and sometimes ruins) the moment of welcoming a new year with a sense of tension. Where to celebrate, how to dress, what time should we get there? The main thing is to arrive on time! The organizers of the event, who have so far created such unforgettable events as "Kvartirnik", "Balkan Wedding Circus", "Piens Festival 17/18 in the future art centre Zuzeum" and others, offer to solve all of these questions for you by negotiating with time on your behalf and, therefore, inviting you to spend New Year's Eve in an elegant atmosphere in the renovated premises of the Riga Circus.

Jazz Masquerade will offer an excellent combination of live music, art and circus. The narrative of the ball will play and improvise with time, simultaneously subjecting and surrendering the guests to its grasp. Several dance halls will operate on the premises of the Riga Circus. For example, there will be a chill zone in the Elephant Room, and Raitis Ašmanis, with his big-band orchestra, will keep the time in the main hall, followed by singers Kristīne Prauliņa and Žoržs Siksna. New Year's celebrants will be delighted with an exceptional musical performance by the legendary hip-hop performer Ozols. Throughout the evening, you will enjoy electronic and hip-hop music provided by DJs Mareks Ameriks, Mixmaster Raitis, Jazzy Marky & Nick Ustinov Jr and others.

While waiting for midnight to arrive, guests will see unique performances created and curated for the new circus room and festive scenography created by international and local circus artists. The scenography of the event is produced by theatre and cultural events artist Anna Heinrihsone. Artist Helēna Heinrihsone, a representative of Latvian contemporary painting, will provide the event's visual identity. On New Year's Eve, guests can view the artist's paintings specially selected for the place and mood of the celebration.

Jazz Masquerade will be the first large-scale event in the renovated Riga Circus building and the new year, which you will long to experience again. May our joy reign and champagne flow!


Recommended dress code for the event: black tie carnival, gleeful and exquisite, preferably with a mask.

For men, a dark suit or smart trousers with a sporty blazer, a tuxedo and a bow tie or tie.

For ladies, an evening dress, cocktail dress, elegant pantsuit or skirt. We recommend complementing the outfit with a suitable mask for a sparkling New Year's celebration and accessories.

A VIP area will be available for a limited number of guests.

Several bars will be open during the event. Entry to the event with your food and drinks is prohibited.
Entrance to the event from the age of 18.

The festivities begin on December 31st at 22.00
Merkela street 4, Riga


Organizer: SIA "Piens Fest"

Pre-sale of tickets for this event has ended! 
During the event, there will be a live queue at the entrance for tickets, where you can buy a ticket depending on the capacity of the room at that time.

The Riga Circus  is becoming a center of contemporary art – a place where various art disciplines intersect: circus, theatre, dance, music and cinema. There is something to see, learn and learn for people of different ages with different interests. Spectators should see a really good modern circus. But the circus is not only contemplation of the action, but also understanding, enthusiasm and development of one's capabilities. Both children and adults can attend classes at the new Riga Circus School. You can learn about the circus by taking part in "Circus Talks". A program with its residents is also planned.

The Riga Circus has been an attractive place in Riga since its very beginnings, where the cultural life of the city took place. And so it must remain.

The Riga Circus is the only permanent circus building in the Baltic States and one of the first in Europe.

When the first Latvian architect with an academic education, Janis Friedrichs Baumanis, designed the building of the Riga Circus in 1888, the facade on Merkel Street had not only doors for spectators, but also, apparently, horse gates through which one could enter the circus courtyard . Years passed, the building was repeatedly rebuilt, changed, adapted and overgrown with new details. And now the Riga Circus is again waiting for reconstruction! This time, with the aim of returning attractive historical features to the building, combining them with modern features.

At one time, not only strongmen, jugglers, clowns and acrobats performed here, but also the first films in Riga were shown, concerts were held, wonders of art from all over the world were demonstrated. The Riga Circus remains today a place where you can enjoy the most diverse facets of culture. There are performances by local and touring groups, a circus school for children and adults, and a creative residency program that invites authors who create new ideas and performances.

The transformation of the circus house will take place gradually. At the end of 2020, the first stage of reconstruction will begin - we will work on energy efficiency and thermal insulation of the building. More noticeable outward changes will follow later: instead of the former entrance for horses, a convenient pedestrian passage will appear. And upstairs, to the legendary circus dome, erected at one time from railway rails, bridges will rise for all curious explorers of the city.

For the period of reconstruction, the Riga Circus School and the administration office have been moved to Agenskalns, on the street. Zellu 25. And the performances of the Riga Center can be visited in various cultural spaces of Riga and Latvia.

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